At New Roads, we believe in providing community support recovery

New Roads Therapeutic Recovery Community

New Roads is a long-term residential treatment facility that serves adult men who live with acute and chronic substance use issues. Priority is given to men who have experienced homelessness and involvement with the criminal justice system.

New Roads is a 9 to 24 month program that offers an integrated treatment approach. It focuses on providing supports for the whole person that will support them in their recovery journey as well as assisting them in future housing, employment and social needs. We provide supports in many areas including on-site nursing and physician care as well as counseling support in both individual and group formats. We have a variety of programs that also focus on building skills for employment and daily living skills.

What makes New Roads different?

We are a long-term Therapeutic Recovery Community, which means that we provide an opportunity for residents to live within a collaborative and supportive community that encourages each community member to participate and take accountability for both their individual and the community’s wellness. Within the context of recovery, this community focus assist men is supporting one another in their recovery path.

New Roads Stories

March 21, 2024

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