New Roads

Cultural and Recreational Supports

New Roads Therapeutic Recovery Community recognizes the need to provide both Cultural and Recreational opportunities as both an aid and support for the recovery process. New Roads has an Elder on staff who supports men in furthering their understanding and exploring indigenous culture. This includes a weekly sharing circle as well as a sweat lodge on site. Our Elder also works individually with men, as necessary.

We also recognize the need to ensure that there are recreational opportunities on site for men, we have an onsite gymnasium for group activities as well as both a weight room and a cardio room. Men are encouraged to be active and take part in many recreational opportunities that are offered at the Centre. We also connect men to community events that are part of the recovery community, such as Recovery Day. The connection to community also includes the access to recovery meetings beginning on site and then off-site once men are beginning their transition back into the larger community.

Cultural & Recreational Supports at New Roads